Subpart B - Employer Responsibilities

40.11 What are the general responsibilities of employers under this regulation?
40.13 How do DOT drug and alcohol tests relate to non-DOT tests?
40.14 What collection information must employers provide to collectors?
40.15 May an employer use a service agent to meet DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements?
40.17 Is an employer responsible for obtaining information from its service agents?
40.19 [Reserved]
40.21 May an employer stand down an employee before the MRO has completed the verification process?
40.23 What actions do employers take after receiving verified test results?
40.25 Must an employer check on the drug and alcohol testing record of employees it is intending to use to perform safety-sensitive duties?
40.26 What form must an employer use to report Management Information System (MIS) data to a DOT agency?
40.27 May an employer require an employee to sign a consent or release in connection with the DOT drug and alcohol testing program?
40.29 Where is other information on employer responsibilities found in this regulation?