Subpart F - Drug Testing Laboratories

40.81 What laboratories may be used for DOT drug testing?
40.83 How do laboratories process incoming specimens?
40.85 What drugs do laboratories test for?
40.87 What are the cutoff concentrations for drug tests?
40.89 What is validity testing, and are laboratories required to conduct it?
40.91 What validity tests must laboratories conduct on primary specimens?
40.93 What criteria do laboratories use to establish that a specimen is dilute or substituted?
40.95 What are the adulterant cutoff concentrations for initial and confirmation tests?
40.96 What criteria do laboratories use to establish that a specimen is invalid?
40.97 What do laboratories report and how do they report it?
40.99 How long does the laboratory retain specimens after testing?
40.101 What relationship may a laboratory have with an MRO?
40.103 What are the requirements for submitting blind specimens to a laboratory?
40.105 What happens if the laboratory reports a result different from that expected for a blind specimen?
40.107 Who may inspect laboratories?
40.109 What documentation must the laboratory keep, and for how long?
40.111 When and how must a laboratory disclose statistical summaries and other information it maintains?
40.113 Where is other information concerning laboratories found in this regulation?