Subpart O - Substance Abuse Professionals and the Return-to-Duty Process

40.281 Who is qualified to act as a SAP?
40.283 How does a certification organization obtain recognition for its members as SAPs?
40.285 When is a SAP evaluation required?
40.287 What information is an employer required to provide concerning SAP services to an employee who has a DOT drug and alcohol regulation violation?
40.289 Are employers required to provide SAP and treatment services to employees?
40.291 What is the role of the SAP in the evaluation, referral, and treatment process of an employee who has violated DOT agency drug and alcohol testing regulations?
40.293 What is the SAP's function in conducting the initial evaluation of an employee?
40.295 May employees or employers seek a second SAP evaluation if they disagree with the first SAP's recommendations?
40.297 Does anyone have the authority to change a SAP's initial evaluation?
40.299 What is the SAP's role and what are the limits on a SAP's discretion in referring employees for education and treatment?
40.301 What is the SAP's function in the follow-up evaluation of an employee?
40.303 What happens if the SAP believes the employee needs additional treatment, aftercare, or support group services even after the employee returns to safety-sensitive duties?
40.305 How does the return-to-duty process conclude?
40.307 What is the SAP's function in prescribing the employee's follow-up tests?
40.309 What are the employer's responsibilities with respect to the SAP's directions for follow-up tests?
40.311 What are requirements concerning SAP reports?
40.313 Where is other information on SAP functions and the return-to-duty process found in this regulation?