§191.25 Filing safety-related condition reports.

(a)  Each report of a safety-related condition under §191.23(a) must be filed (received by OPS within five working days, not including Saturday, Sunday, or Federal Holidays) after the day a representative of the operator first determines that the condition exists, but not later than 10 working days after the day a representative of the operator discovers the condition. Separate conditions may be described in a single report if they are closely related. Reports may be transmitted by electronic mail to InformationResourcesManager@dot.gov or by facsimile at (202) 366-7128.

(b)  The report must be headed "Safety-Related Condition Report" and provide the following information:

(1)  Name and principal address of operator.

(2)  Date of report.

(3)  Name, job title, and business telephone number of person  submitting the report.

(4)  Name, job title, and business telephone number of person who determined that the condition exists.

(5)  Date condition was discovered and date condition was first determined to exist.

(6)  Location of condition, with reference to the State  (and town, city, or county) or offshore  site, and as appropriate, nearest street address, offshore platform, survey station number, milepost, landmark, or name of pipeline.

(7)  Description of the condition, including circumstances leading to its discovery, any significant effects of the condition on safety, and the name of the commodity transported or stored.

(8)  The corrective action taken (including reduction of pressure or shutdown) before the report is submitted and the planned follow-up future corrective action, including the anticipated schedule for starting and concluding such action

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