SubPart D - Design of Pipeline Components

§192.141 Scope.
§192.143 General requirements.
§192.144 Qualifying metallic components.
§192.145 Valves.
§192.147 Flanges and flange accessories.
§192.149 Standard fittings.
§192.150 Passage of internal inspection devices.
§192.151 Tapping.
§192.153 Components fabricated by welding.
§192.155 Welded branch connections.
§192.157 Extruded outlets.
§192.159 Flexibility.
§192.161 Supports and anchors.
§192.163 Compressor stations: Design and construction.
§192.165 Compressor stations: Liquid removal.
§192.167 Compressor stations: Emergency shutdown.
§192.169 Compressor stations: Pressure limiting devices.
§192.171 Compressor stations: Additional safety equipment.
§192.173 Compressor stations: Ventilation.
§192.175 Pipe-type and bottle-type holders.
§192.177 Additional provisions for bottle-type holders.
§192.179 Transmission line valves.
§192.181 Distribution line valves.
§192.183 Vaults: Structural design requirements.
§192.185 Vaults: Accessibility.
§192.187 Vaults: Sealing, venting, and ventilation.
§192.189 Vaults: Drainage and waterproofing.
§192.191 Design pressure of plastic fittings.
§192.193 Valve installation in plastic pipe.
§192.195 Protection against accidental overpressuring.
§192.197 Control of the pressure of gas delivered from high-pressure distribution systems.
§192.199 Requirements for design of pressure relief and limiting devices.
§192.201 Required capacity of pressure relieving and limiting stations.
§192.203 Instrument, control, and sampling pipe and components.