SubPart L - Operations

§192.601 Scope.
§192.603 General provisions.
§192.605 Procedural manual for operations, maintenance, and emergencies
§192.607 Initial determination of class location and confirmation or establishment of maximum allowable operating pressure.
§192.609 Change in class location: Required study.
§192.611 Change in class location: Confirmation or revision of maximum allowable operating pressure.
§192.612 Underwater inspection and reburial of pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico and its inlets.
§192.613 Continuing Surveillance.
§192.614 Damage prevention program.
§192.615 Emergency plans.
§192.616 Public Awareness
§192.617 Investigation of failures.
§192.619 Maximum allowable operating pressure - Steel or plastic pipelines
§192.620 Alternative maximum allowable operating pressure for certain steel pipelines
§192.621 Maximum allowable operating pressure: High-Pressure distribution systems.
§192.623 Maximum and minimum allowable operating pressure:
§192.625 Odorization of gas.
§192.627 Tapping pipelines under pressure.
§192.629 Purging of pipelines.
§192.631 Control room management