SubPart H - Corrosion Control

195.551 What do the regulations in this subpart cover?
195.553 What special definitions apply to this subpart?
195.555 What are the qualifications for supervisors?
195.557 Which pipelines must have coating for external corrosion control?
195.559 What coating material may I use for external corrosion control?
195.561 When must I inspect pipe coating used for external corrosion control?
195.563 Which pipelines must have cathodic protection?
195.565 How do I install cathodic protection on breakout tanks?
195.567 Which pipelines must have test leads and how do I install and maintain the leads?
195.569 Do I have to examine exposed portions of buried pipelines?
195.571 What criteria must I use to determine the adequacy of cathodic protection?
195.573 What must I do to monitor external corrosion control?
195.575 Which facilities must I electrically isolate and what inspections, tests, and safeguards are required?
195.577 What must I do to alleviate interference currents?
195.579 What must I do to mitigate internal corrosion?
195.581 Which pipelines must I protect against atmospheric corrosion and what coating material may I use?
195.583 What must I do to monitor atmospheric corrosion control?
195.585 What must I do to correct corroded pipe?
195.587 What methods are available to determine the strength of corroded pipe?
195.588 What standards apply to direct assessment?
195.589 What corrosion control information do I have to maintain?
195.591 In-Line inspection of pipelines