Subpart D - State Damage Prevention Enforcement Programs

§198.51 What is the purpose and scope of this subpart?
§198.53 When and how will PHMSA evaluate state excavation damage prevention law enforcement programs?
§198.55 What criteria will PHMSA use in evaluating the effectiveness of State damage prevention enforcement programs?
§198.57 What is the process PHMSA will use to notify a state that its damage prevention enforcement program appears to be inadequate?
§198.59 How may a state respond to a notice of inadequacy?
§198.61 How is a State notified of PHMSA’s final decision?
§198.63 How may a State with an inadequate excavation damage prevention law enforcement program seek reconsideration by PHMSA?

Source: 80 FR 43868, July 23, 2015, unless otherwise noted.