SubPart H - Customer Meters, Service Regulators, and Service Lines

§192.351 Scope.
§192.353 Customer meters and regulators: Location.
§192.355 Customer meters and regulators: Protection from damage.
§192.357 Customer meters and regulators: Installation.
§192.359 Customer meter installations: Operating pressure.
§192.361 Service lines: Installation.
§192.363 Service lines: Valve Requirements.
§192.365 Service lines: Location of valves.
§192.367 Service lines: General requirements for connections to main piping.
§192.369 Service lines: Connections to cast iron or ductile iron mains.
§192.371 Service lines: Steel.
§192.373 Service lines: Cast iron and ductile iron.
§192.375 Service lines: Plastic.
§192.377 Service lines: Copper
§192.379 New service lines not in use.
§192.381 Service Lines: Excess flow valve performance standards
§192.383 Excess flow valve customer notification
§192.385 Manual service line shut-off valve installation